As your child drinks more water, they will encounter different characters and milestones along the way:


These are daily drinking milestones to make sure your child drinks water regularly throughout the day. There will be 3 milestones each day.  Reaching these milestones will unlock “Rubies” for your Gululu pets.

Yellow Treasure Chests
These are surprise milestones along the journey.  These treasure chests contain “Nims” (little plants and animals that keeps your Gululu company along the way) and parts of the “Submarine-Spaceship” that your Gululu needs to finish this Worldmap and move onto the next.


These are special accessories made for each Gululu.  There are many different ones for you to explore.  You can pick and choose different accessories for your Gululu using the Rubies you collect!

These are little plants and animals that live on Planet Ima.  They have been trapped & captured in Yellow Treasure Boxes by Tanga when he came onto Planet Ima.  Unlock these “Nims” from their Treasure Chest to keep your Gululu company along their adventure!    

“The Submarine” Spaceship 
“The Submarine” Spaceship is the vehicle thats gets your Guulu from this worldmap to the next.  Parts for the Spaceship will come from the Yellow Treasure Boxes.  You need to collect all 9 parts to complete the spaceship and get your Gululu onto the next “ring” on Planet Ima.