We suggest to put your Gululu bottle on your wireless charger every night to make sure your bottle downloads the latest content and software updates. 
Your Gululu bottle needs to be under the same wifi connection that you used when setting up your bottle AND be sitting on the wireless charger, for all content and software updates to be downloaded.  Make sure your bottle is turned on as well.
Once the necessary content & software packages are downloaded onto your bottle successfully, your Gululu bottle will reboot and update automatically.  

Some customers have encountered trouble when updating their bottle.  

Here are some top tips to help the updating process:
1. Make sure you are using a stable WiFi connection (Not 5G Network).
2. Make sure your bottle has at least 30% battery left.
3. Make sure your bottle is sitting on the wireless charger.
4. Make sure your bottle is turned on.

How to check the versions
Open the App, go to "Setting" -> "Bottle Setting" page, on the bottom shows the latest version and your current version.

Click""Contact us" if you need support.